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Volgende WMT snapshot

Stake with ADA4Good to earn World Mobile Tokens (WMT) on top of your ADA rewards

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Educate, Connect & Empower

A4G Cardano Stake Pool works together with Save the Children and World Mobile to educate, connect and empower children!

This blog will be updated to show the current promotion requirements.

Last updated: December 1, 2021

The Nov 1st and Dec 1st payouts have been concluded. If you haven't received your WMT and you think you should have, please contact us

How to earn WMT Tokens

The Vision and Why we do this

How to earn WMT Tokens through staking your ADA?

The super short explanation

  • Just delegate your ADA to our pool (ADA4Good) and forget about it. you will then receive ADA rewards and WMT tokens. If you stake less than 1000 Ada, click here.

The full story

  1. The WMT token sharing promotion comes on top of your ADA staking rewards! Our pool has normal fees (minimum fixed fees and 2% margin fees). So your Ada staking rewards are no different than other pools with the same numbers.

  2. Make sure you delegate to our pool: ADA4Good, ticker A4G

  3. There is a monthly snapshot and payment schedule: it happens on the first day of each month at 15:00 UTC. The first month you will be added to the snapshot and the next you are paid.

  4. Next snapshot is on January 1st 2021 15:00 UTC. This is also the WMT drop date (for whom made the December 1st snapshot).

  5. All delegators who are included in a snapshot, and have not left us when the next snapshot arrives, will receive the WMT tokens based on their delegation amount on the payout snapshot.

  6. The WMT tokens will be sent to the same Ada wallet through which you are staking with us.

  7. Because we have to include 1.5 Ada to each WMT transfer, the minimum* stake amount is 1000 ADA*.

  8. The total amount of tokens we are sharing on Jan 1st (for those who made the Dec 1st snapshot) will be announced soon! You can check out the November 1st and December 1st distributions per stake and corresponding APY here.

  9. The tokens will be distributed among delegators proportional to their stake. More Ada staked means more WMT tokens (logarithmic distribution method used).

Staking with less than 1000 ADA?

*) No problem! Because we have to include 1.5 Ada to each WMT transfer, You need to send us the 1.5 Ada in advance of the next monthly snapshot. Make sure you use the same wallet with which you delegated to our pool. The address to use is: addr1qxysyph90meq7qeyjf5caapc54aqmuum5nharm2c3wmmfscyz0r73m0a2z7c33sv0r4xequn05sl5y0ukwc8p0jg3h9q8c4nz9

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